K5UTD Repeater Move

The K5UTD ARC will be installing equipment on the 300’ tower on the UT Dallas campus.

The primary mission is to move our 145.430 repeater antenna to the top of the tower. We are currently side-mounted, and have a “cone of shame” due south of the tower as an artifact of being side-mounted on the north leg. The current setup yields a cardioid-like pattern, as if a yagi were pointed at McKinney.

The secondary mission is the installation of 2.4GHz mesh equipment. The public facing radios are Ubiquiti Rockets with sector antennas. There will be 3 rockets mounted with 120 degree sectors, giving an effective coverage pattern of 360 degrees. These radios will be running AREDN. 5.8GHz radios will also be installed to provide internet to other area repeater sites and mesh installations.

The climb is scheduled for June 14th.